Kohler Toilet Flapper

If you’re planning to buy a kohler toilet flapper, you may be in for a big surprise. But before purchasing one, you should take some basic things into consideration, not just the price, size, and quality but also the use of it.

We will show you various toilets with different brands. There are also several types of toilets, such as the flush toilet, squat toilet, urinals, incinerating toilet and composting toilet. Each one has its own feature and benefits. You can also find some detailed information. Just keep reading our website and then you can choose one according to you needs.

I dare to say that nobody wants to miss such a big “treat”, so move on now. Enjoy yourself.

Best Selling Kohler Toilet Flapper

Kohler GP84995 2-Inch Flapper Used In Various One-Piece Toilets

Kohler Genuine Part, Toilet Flapper, Fit’s various one piece toilets.

Buying Guides
  • “By contrast, the Kohler flapper is two pieces – a hard plastic rod and a soft rubber flapper with re-enforced arms.” – Richard L. Chew
  • “This is an original manufacturer product and is an exact replacement of the part in the toilet.” – Eric
  • “It is easy to install to boot.” – Martin Basiszta

Kohler GP83064 Flapper Used In Older One-Piece Toilets

Kohler Genuine Part, Toilet Flapper, Used in older one piece toilets.

Kohler Toilet Flapper Reviews
  • “I had the Rialto and it was a perfect fit.” – bbcardzetc@aol.com Clayton Sa…
  • “It worked perfectly and was easy to install!” – Karen Schweitzer
  • “Works perfectly and less expensive that the hardware houses who don’t always carry Kohler parts.” – Professor

Kohler GP49114 Flapper Ball Used In Older Two-Piece Toilets

Kohler Genuine Part, Toilet Flapper, Used in older Kohler one piece toilets.

Kohler 87449 Flapper Assembly Kit, N/A

Product Features: FLAPPER ASSY KIT

Features & details

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Korky 2011BP Hinge Flapper For Kohler Toilet Repairs

Premium red Chlorazone rubber resists chlorine.

Product Research
  • “This is the right flapper for my Kohler 3386 "Rialto" one-piece toilet.” – Travis Dixon
  • “No reason to buy anything else.” – R. Machado
  • “I just installed it today so can’t say anything about how long it lasts, but it looks like decent quality plastic.” – UMCPGreg

Kohler GP85160 2-Inch Flapper

Kohler Genuine Part, Toilet Flapper, Fit’s various two piece toilets.

Expert Advice
  • “These work well and are easy to install.” – David S. Smith
  • “Genuine Kohler product which works perfectly.” – Jacques LHEUREUX
  • “The part was extremely simple to install, the only adjustment being a slight shortening of the chain and repositioning of the styrofoam float.” – Regina

Kohler GP1078441 Cimarron, Memoirs, Bancroft and Devonshire 3-1/4-Inch Flapper Class 5 for Two-Piece Toilets

Kohler Genuine Part, Toilet Flapper, Used in various two piece toilets with Class Five technology.

Customer Reviews
  • “Was easy to install and works very well.” – Kateyhawk
  • “This Kohler flapper is the exact replacement part!” – Andrew
  • “Supplier was quick and accurate.” – John E. Robbins

Kohler GP1039444 3-1/4-Inch Flapper Class 5 for One-Piece Toilets

Kohler Genuine Part, Flapper, One piece toilets with class five technology31/4′flapper.

Korky 2012BP Shark Fin Flapper For Kohler Toilet Repair

Highlights: Color: Red Stainless steel chain Fits specific one piece Kohler toilets Premium red chlorazone rubber resists chlorine Fits Kohler toilets: Rialto, Citizen, Gabrielle, Revival, San Raphael

Korky 3010BP Class Five Flapper For Kohler Toilet Repairs

Kohler Cimarron Replacement Toilet Flapper, 3 Design Provides Larger Sealing Surface For The Cimarron Toilet Flush Valve, Made From Premium Red Chlorazone Rubber Which Resists All Chlorines, Made In USA.

Buyers Guide
  • “Worked like a charm.the item was a perfect replacement.would recommend this item to anyone looking for a fast fils for their toliet.” – LARRY DE COURSEY
  • “Within 5 minutes, I had made the repair and everything worked perfectly.” – Sue F.
  • “This was a perfect replacement.” – Mathew Joseph

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