Kohler Toilet Flapper

When looking for a new kohler toilet flapper, many people may find it so hard to buy a kohler toilet flapper of good quality and with a competitive price.

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What are the Best Kohler Toilet Flapper

Kohler GP84995 2-Inch Flapper Used In Various One-Piece Toilets

Kohler Genuine Part, Toilet Flapper, Fit’s various one piece toilets.

Consumer Reports
  • “The replacement Kohler flapper valve worked like a charm and immediately stopped the running toilet problem.” – Jerrold M. Zacharias
  • “By contrast, the Kohler flapper is two pieces – a hard plastic rod and a soft rubber flapper with re-enforced arms.” – Richard L. Chew
  • “Installation was easy to do.” – David C. Pearce

Kohler GP83064 Flapper Used In Older One-Piece Toilets

Kohler Genuine Part, Toilet Flapper, Used in older one piece toilets.

Buying Guides
  • “This is the right part for our toilets – fits perfectly, works right, not much more to say to fill out the “words required” requirement.” – ChChRoseman
  • “This new one is identical, and will probably last at least that long.” – Paul A. Klinger
  • “It works great if selected correctly, where it should fit perfectly.” – YYY

Kohler GP49114 Flapper Ball Used In Older Two-Piece Toilets

Kohler Genuine Part, Toilet Flapper, Used in older Kohler one piece toilets.

Kohler K-GP83064 Toilet Flapper Assembly

Kohler Toilet Flapper AssemblySKU: K-GP83064Pillow Talk 3378 – Cabernet 3401, 3408 – San Raphael™ 3395, 3397 – Rialto® 3402 – San Miguel™ 3406 – Rochelle 3385, 3385-C – Rosario 3434 – San Martine® 343

Kohler GP88921 Flush Ball Used In Various Older Toilets

Kohler Genuine Part, Flush Ball, Fits Palarre,Rochelle,Champlain,Pompton.

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